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About Us

Introducing Parcel

We’ve done it all. We’ve balked at missed delivery slips, wasted hours of a perfectly good Saturday on line at the post office, and bruised our arms hauling heavy boxes across Manhattan and Brooklyn. We’ve pled with roommates to sign for packages in our absence and even chased a rogue UPS truck down the street. Enough is enough! New Yorkers are busy — you don’t have time to waste on delivery hassles, especially not when the post office’s hours often conflict with your work schedules. So, Parcel was born.

Parcel hand-delivers your packages when you’re actually home. We streamline the delivery process so you can receive your packages stress-free. When you create an account, you’ll receive a unique shipping address at Parcel’s headquarters. You can enter this address as your own wherever you shop online. When we receive your package, we’ll notify you via text and let you schedule a delivery window for that same evening. We’ll come straight to your door and hand-deliver your package.

We believe the delivery process should be convenient, efficient, and reliable. Parcel makes it all that and more — user-friendly, hand-delivered by a team of charming drivers, and punctual to the minute — for just $5. Never miss another delivery!